State of the business presentations

This helps to ground the presentation and establish a common starting point. This is where real effort pays off with discriminating audiences. If you are presenting, know what you have to say. This is where we develop our inductive argument, deploying groups of MECE ideas on the way to proving our point.

Because I said so…? We are making a speech to our employees about our new strategy. Inductive arguments might conclude with a claim that is only based on a sample of information. The Art of Storytelling Stories are the creative conversion of life itself into a more powerful, clearer, more meaningful experience.

Financial performance last year was fantastic, but growth has stalled in the first quarter… Begin at the beginning.

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Sometimes, it is obvious that this is our goal. This is where the complication comes in. Summarize it first — completing your introduction — then break it down into details and write the main body of your presentations.

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Rather, the objective of our presentations should be to persuade. Inductive vs deductive arguments Deductive reasoning Deductive reasoning starts out with a general statement, or hypothesis, and examines the possibilities to reach a specific, logical conclusion.

We are presenting at TED. All presentations are, at their heart, a story. Tables The primary benefit of a table is that it makes it easy to look up individual values. They are easier for an audience to absorb because they require less effort to understand.

You need next steps. You will be surprised at how many groups of ideas you will create which will fail this test — and result in you thinking about additional, great points and ideas that make you argument even more powerful.

And why is that again?

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Tables and Graphs They are fundamentally different. Restaurants East of our current location Italian restaurants Restaurants with music Restaurants South of our current location There is overlap within this list.

Graphs and tables excel at different things and depending on your purpose, one will be a better choice than another. It is not explicitly stated in the introduction, it is implicit.

In fact, the next steps are the objective of your entire presentation. By immersing your audience in a story, you bypass that resistance. In fact, we have a pronounced bias towards stories.

As a consequence your audience is much more likely to remember the stories you tell them and the messages those stories contain and more likely to repeat them to others.

While some opinions people hold are rational and thought-out, many others are emotional What is your favorite flavor of ice cream? Be equally ruthless in sorting and prioritizing what analysis is required to make your point.

So, in a way, receiving the third-degree in a presentation can be a good sign. There are no short cuts.


Two independent witnesses claimed John committed the murder. Poke, probe and dissect your analysis. When you have data that you would like to present, resist the urge to throw it into the sexiest 3D pie chart you can create.

The message or story is contained in the shape of the data The display will be used to reveal relationships among whole sets of values Common Graphs Quantitative values can be represented in graphs using the following: The deductive argument presents ideas in successive steps.

Where are we now? You want to identify these next steps early in the process of developing your presentation so that you can be sure to design a presentation that drives your audience to the action you desire.

We find it easier and more efficient to process stories. Generally, our advice is to construct inductive-based arguments.

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It contains many traps which can lead unsuspecting authors astray. There could be Italian restaurants east of us. The objective of the introduction is to establish the groundwork to plant this question, so that the rest of our presentation can focus on answering it.Online Services - Was the information on this page helpful?

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State of the business presentations
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